"Day one."On a blank notebook page, I gently wrote down the first words of this story. Our story, the one that grew as a child right before my eyes.

They told me this notebook is not suited for poetry: "It is destined for prose, my dear, for long and tedious paragraphs. It turns all your pain into novels and all your words into salvation". At least that is what the old lady in the bookstore ordered me.

I got out excited and left. With the notebook in hand and a mind filled to the brim with beautiful verses.

Alas, a talent in vain, this notebook is only destined for stories. In short, I became a writer...

22 june 1999
Born in Varna, Bulgaria
30 june 2018
Graduated from "Meridian 22" Private High School - Sofia, Bulgaria

I obtained my high school degree from "Meridian 22" Private High School of Sofia with a double diploma - Bulgarian diploma with excellent score of 5.98 and an IB international diploma with 42 total points (a record for the school).

25 august 2018
Moving to Amsterdam and starting my bachelor's degree at the University of Amsterdam (UvA)

I am admitted at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in BA Media and Culture (number 1 in the world media course according to the leading academic standings) Graduated in July 2021.

20 may 2020
Premiere of "DAY ONE"

Първата ми книга - ,.,ДЕН ПЪРВИ" официално излиза като електронна книга, налична за всички устройства, а по-късно и във физически тираж. Може да я откриете here.







And many more in between...

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