The first entirely postliterary work from a Bulgarian author!

I'm inviting your senses on a journey - emotional, provocative, surprising and touching! The book contains 8 short stories, each simultaneously united and divided by transitions and ultrashort snippets.
I really hope you like this project I started over 3 years ago, putting a lot of effort 
(and a few tiny moments of rage and despair) 
but at the end I was able to finish and publish it all by myself!
"Pain is born of loneliness, but real beauty is born of pain!"
I hope this is true!


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What people say
about the book:

Maria Kasimova-Moisset Journalist, editor, author

An undoubtedly talented person who surely has future in writing! Observes thoroughly, describes with a rich vocabulary, interprets differently. He should write! A lot! He has what is most important - the eyes and soul for understanding details and the talent to put them in words.

Reader Wizard Literature Blog

I recommend this book to everyone who wants to discover a new type of literature and experience the bold and though-provoking findings of a young Bulgarian.

Janeta Stoykova Author

Emotionally mature, witty and elegant, DAY ONE tells about love and other important things. I recommend it to all seeking (themselves, love...) as well as to those who are just curious!

Jivka Ganeva Linguist - European Parliment

I read the book and it should definitely reach the readers!
It is unconventional, it plays with the reader and has a good sense of humour!
The topic of pain in the beginning and the end is timeless, but offered in a very original way.

Аnna Vassileva Reader

I recommend DAY ONE as well as the Saturday Stories by the young and promising author Iskren Lilov!
His writing is multilayered and makes you think!

    The book in numbers:

    DAY ONE is just the beginning!

    sofia stripe


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